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Amazon Reviews

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'A wonderful story of one mans path to peace. Inspiring, funny, and very down to Earth. The honesty of the search, in all of its forms, I could really relate too. I also very much enjoyed how the world presented "Hop" with these amazing journeys and experiences, only to bring him closer to his desire. A sort of roadmap for Spiritual seekers and those who may have a different calling.'

Mark Lomprey

'I loved it all, the rawness and honesty is always a winner for me, your authenticity is a gem, not to mention your cheeky sense of humour. I super highly recommend this book. Thanks mate!'

Lilavati Ishaya

'"BOUNDLESS" is a riveting story told with panache, bravery and honesty.
Although alluring, the often inhospitable landscape of the emerging Soviet Union, with its vodka and Big Business, brings with it a relentless build up of personal stress and threatened self-destruction.
The energy and pace of the prose compels us forward as we live through the inner and outer world of Greg.
We're often rewarded with poignant glimpses of the beauty of the natural world in contrast to the inner tensions and outer chaos.
How blissful too, as we discover that the peace Greg experienced in an avalanche, a near death experience, can be lived on a daily basis. The joy of his discovery is shared brilliantly.
Those of us who are looking for grounded, moment -to-moment peace will be inspired by "BOUNDLESS" and will be wanting to discover more.'

John Sutton

'In reading Boundless I was carried along on a rollercoaster of ever increasing anxiety about where Greg was heading and, if he ever got there, what other calamity was about to emerge in his fast disintegrating life.
Putting the book down , once started , was not unlike what one was reading - near impossible. But the impossible, in the end, lead to an amazing life choice, via twists and turns and a dash of good luck.
I couldn't get "Boundless" out of my head for weeks.'

John B

Review from

'I found this book covered a lot of different topics of interest for me.
I enjoyed the story of Russia after the fall of the Berlin Wall and I found the Author's exploration and journey to find Peace was inspiring too.
He is a very honest writer sharing so much of himself that you feel very connected to him and his journey.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to get lost in an enjoyable story and to someone who may want to find a sense of Peace in their life experience'

Liz Barcas

'This brave and honest account of just how Greg finally found happiness makes for a fascinating and enthralling read.'

Sue Reidy, author of 'The Visitation'

'Loved this book on lots of levels:
It is real 'page turner', better than a ringside seat as there is a wittily honest and gritty internal dialogue that flows with the action:
And there is plenty of 'eye-opening' action, if you ever wondered what was like doing business during the post perestroika / glasnost era in Russia read the book.
I know it's an overused phrase but once I’d started reading I couldn’t put it down.
Most of all, the appeal and resonance of the book to me is that it is a frank, absolutely no nonsense, easy to read travelogue of an internal journey about finding peace.
In the end it is not so much about the events or locations along the way but the story of the frustration of knowing there must be more and the determination to find the answer.
The beauty of this book is that it squares the circle and shows where to look, that it is open for everyone to do and most importantly that it can be done.'

J. Michael Sharp

'Very entertaining and honest, spiritually uplifting'

Sue Scammell

'Boundless points to the way home and gives a very enjoyable account of one man's journey getting there. '

Rebekah Palmer, author of 'Rhythm' 

'A great read. Well written. Honest and powerful, as well as a fascinating account of a Kiwi businessman's experiences in Russia in its dying days. For those strongly addicted to thinking, it will give hope to read of another addict's success in finding a path to peace.'

Petrina Williams

' I loved it!! It was it a great romp, and I can honestly say each time I had to put it down I was looking forward to disappearing in it again. However what I loved most was the retelling of finding the silence within. This really struck me. Hearing the author's experiences and the peace he found has been such a shot of reconnection for me.'

Toni Cheyne

'Boundless, an excruciatingly honest account of Greg's formative years and his circutious trip to inner peace. This book is well writen and at times beautifully so. It relays Greg's fascinating journey from working as an engineer on a gold dredge on the West Coast, through Russia as the changes came about during the mid 80's and early 90's. Back to New Zealand to set up a phenomenally successful pet merchandising buisness and on to becoming an Ishaya Monk, all the while describing Greg's continual inner conflict and his struggle to find satisfaction and enjoyment from life. The descriptions are interesting and the life that Greg led, partucularly while in Russia, is at times mind boggling. This all makes for a great read and a book that is at times hard to put down. You get the feeling that with the levels of stress that Greg was experiencing that if he didn't find a new way of being that he may well have imploded! The fact that Greg does go on to find a tool that leads him to inner peace is a relief for Greg (and the reader !!). You do not need to be on the search for inner peace to enjoy this book, whatever way you look at it this is a fascinating and enjoyable book to read with the added bonus of a signpost to inner peace should the reader wish to embrace this him or herself.'

Karen Dennison

This book will appeal to a diverse range of readers. The chapters on life in Russia are a rollicking word-picture of a world which has gone. The later chapters describe the author’s quest for mental peace, but with the added objective of starting the reader on their own journey.

I was engrossed in the writing, which is down-to-earth, and no-holds-barred. The word pictures of the outside world are vivid and clear. So are the pictures of Hopkinson’s inner world.

Boundless the book is part of a larger project. The web site continues the story, and will take the searching reader on further self-explorations. For these readers the book is the beginning, not the end.

Even if you don’t buy into the search for inner peace and happiness, the book is worth reading for the stories, and to meet an interesting guy.

Gordon Findlay - New Zealand Booksellers Blog


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'What a great book! Your story from "wayward disaster zone" to happy and content monk is so inspiring. The book rolls along with great descriptions, compelling stories and a message that is so important for people to read. Thanks Greg, I thoroughly recommend this book.'

Maitreya Ishaya, author of 'The Broker who Broke Free'

'Greg,a modern-day everyman, starts his saga with a near death experience. Like many who have had that experience it changed his life to one of dissatisfaction and with a deep desire to have peace and contentment. His pursuit of the usual desires Man thinks will bring satisfaction and happiness, money, sex, drugs and rock in roll had to be acted out and accomplished for their emptiness and unfulfillment to be absorbed. His description of his journey is excitingly and fluidly told. An extremely pleasant read. The last part of the book describes his meeting with the Ishayas of The Bright Path and their method of meditation. It details the simple,mechanical way to direct the awareness inward and to connect with the source of All. Highly recommended.'

Eugene Schoentag

'How amazing. Written in clipped immediate sentences...all happening in the NOW!   No frills, or lacy words,   no 'turn of phrase' or forced effects....great pace,  great dialogue,  great energy.... ' 

Georgia Lambert

'I've just finished reading Boundless - it really touched me. I have to admit that I started reading it and then stopped.  However, I picked it up again and haven't put it down until now! Thank you for your candour and passion. I know that this book will speak to so many - especially men. The story has fueled the fire in my belly for more peace.'

Calli Kennedy

A Long, Strange Trip, but he got to "Here and Now"!

'Although fast living through high-stakes business deals, travel to exotic places, drugs (prescription and otherwise) and social drinking is not my experience, I could relate to Greg's ongoing sense that peace and happiness was just around the corner, just if . . . but not just yet. I appreciate his transparency in relating his feelings about how a spiritual path and the pull to follow it played out against the judgmental thoughts in his head. This is an inspiring account of how inner peace IS available for all - even a fast-living dude who looked for it in all the "wrong" places.

I also love how he gave some perspectives of the spiritual path he was following through the teachings on appreciation, gratitude, love and compassion as well as what it is like to be a modern-day monk! Not what you would think! Spoiler alert: he gets the girl he really wants in the end.

In addition, the experiences he related in Russia give a little inkling about what might be behind some of the goings-on in Russia today.

Highly recommended for the "seeker" and the person dissatisfied with life but not quite aware of what is missing. This is an honest and therefore humorous account of one experience of the human condition, and rising above that to fuller human potential - translated as inner peace. Thank you, Greg, for letting us in on your journey!'

Dr. Cheryl Kasdorf, ND

'What a cracking read! Greg's stories of his life so far are classic, very funny. Finding happiness through much (mis)adventure, Greg has written a really enjoyable, inspiring book. Loved it.'

Duncan Humphreys

'Boundless opens the door to a much broader conversation.  I love the power of this story and the awesome humor and clarity of the storyteller who so wonderfully allows us all to ask what might - after all - be possible for me?'

Karin Higgins

Boulder, Co, USA

"Just finished reading Boundless, great read…’s been a long time since I have found a book that was hard to put down! What a roller coaster of a story. Boundless deserves to sell well.'

John Bougen, New Zealand

'From the opening line, my attention was hooked. Greg writes with passion and honesty. Boundless shows us how anyone and everyone can attain peace and enlightenment. This world is ready to hear from everyday heroes with real life stories. A great read and a greater inspiration.'

Helen Billinghurst

'The most gritty, real, raw and honest book you will ever read about inner peace. Boundless is one hell of a story about life's greatest adventure.' 

Bernard Steeds, author of 'Water'

'You have to be captivated by a book that begins when much to his own surprise, the hero, completely trapped under the snow during an avalanche, experiences absolute peace instead of the hysteria most of us would expect. From its dramatic beginning to its inspiring conclusion, Boundless is a great story told by a high-spirited bloke you can't help but love.

Greg Hopkinson, a victim of his own appetites, goes to the Soviet Union during it's final days to make the big score. He takes us to business meetings where skill and talent mean less than the ability to consume large quantities of alcohol; where even the most brilliant women regularly sell themselves to strangers; where men die in the middle of a deal. But he remains haunted by memories of the peace he experienced when he was so close to death. In the final chapters of the book, Greg discovers a spiritual path that when embraced, allows him to move into that state of peace perpetually.

Greg's style is clean and fast-paced. He is unusually candid about very personal things, so it's easy to bond with him. But it is the combination of macho adventure story and seeker's journey that make Boundless such a delight-filled read.'

Wendy Bichel

'Really captivating'

Jussi Kolehmainen, Finland