These simple practical approaches to life, practiced regularly, can lead us down a more fulfilling path in life. Making any one of the approaches a priority can provide us with a more effective way of living; we experience more joy, and contentment, and magic. Ultimately applying any of these approaches to life allows us to align with our life’s purpose.

Some only require a subtle change in the way we go about doing things, or the way we engage with other people, or the way we use our time. But they all have the ability to expand our awareness and even enhance how we treat ourselves – whether it’s at work, or at play.


Commitment to Our Highest Desire

In another video we posed the question: ‘What is the one thing that you want more than absolutely anything else in life?’  We invite you to remember what it is you want in life, that thing that you want more than absolutely anything else, your heart’s highest desire, and commit 100% to experiencing that.

You’ll be amazed how quickly things unfold for you when you’ve committed 100% to your highest desire.  

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Do More of What You Love

Engaging in activities that we love doing actually reveals love and peace; it can reveal that which lies beyond thinking. When we develop a routine of doing things that we love doing, we notice how we become more calm and relaxed, and less interested in getting caught up in the drama that can come along in our life.

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Spend More Time in Nature

It is easy for many of us to feel connected, and calm and relaxed when we spend time in nature.

It’s as if all our worries and concerns fall away as we become engaged with our surroundings. We discover that it is possible to experience peace and calmness.

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Going With The Flow

All too often we resist and attempt to control the things that come along in life. We get caught up in intense thinking as we reject the people or events in our life; we often want to change the situation we are in, or we want the people in our world to behave differently.

But if we let go of that resistance, or the tendency to control, we instantly start flowing with life. As we begin flowing with the infinite current of life we become increasingly aware that those people, or events, or material aspects in our world are there to support us. It may not be obvious, but those aspects of our world that appear to disturb our peace are also there to assist our progress.

As we master going with the flow, it’s as if we are flowing down the river of life at the same velocity as the current. Everything that’s around us is there to support us.

Whereas, when we force our will, and try to control or resist what is, it’s as if we have grabbed hold of a branch on the side of the river in the rapids, and we are trying to fight the current. Resistance takes effort, it consumes energy, and it induces fear, stress and discomfort.

Letting go of the resistance to what is, letting go of our will, and letting go of the tendency to control aspects of our life that can’t actually be controlled reveals peace. Going with the flow also reveals much more effectiveness in life; we achieve much more and yet we expend less time, energy and resources. And we experience so much more joy.

Become aware of those things that you’re trying to control, or resist in your life, and go with the flow.



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