This destination is designed to increase our awareness of how patterns of thinking can drive our behaviour and affect our experience life. Noticing our patterns of thinking is a significant stage in our development. Once we have become aware, then we have the opportunity to let go of that thinking, and in that letting go we create more peace and contentment in our life.


Patterns of Thinking

Each of us has three or four patterns of thinking that dominate our experience of life, that drive our behaviour.

The patterns of thinking control the way we approach life, how we interact with other people, and the decisions we make. They limit our full potential to front up and be ourselves.  

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Control is a pattern of thinking that some of us experience. There’s often an aspect of our life that we are trying to control.

If we have the courage to let go of the need to control, and begin trusting, we start to see everything is there to support us in life. As we trust more, life becomes more and more effective, it requires less and less effort, and we experience more peace and contentment.

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My Patterns of Thinking

I had three or four patterns of thinking that dominated my life. I’d like to share those patterns of thinking with you to illustrate how our thinking can limit our engagement in life.

Greg Hopkinson

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The Fundamental Pattern

The fundamental pattern of thinking for humanity is: ‘There’s something wrong’. ‘There’s something wrong with me’, or ‘there’s something wrong with you’, or ‘there’s something wrong with an area of my world’.

This stream of thinking pervades our life. Most of the time we are thinking that there is an element of ‘something wrong’ in some aspect of our life. Become aware of this pattern and very gently let it go, and see what unfolds for you.

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Stories in Our Head

‘Stories’ are patterns of thinking that can dominate and limit us. Patterns of thinking create patterns of behavior.

Become aware of the stories playing in your head from time to time. Awareness of the stories means we can make different choices.

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