The questions listed here are probably the most important questions that can ever be presented to each of us. They are fundamental to human life, and yet it is very rare that we take the time to consider them.

Considering the possible answers to the fundamental questions can be transformative: the exploration can reveal clarity on what we really want from life; it can allow us to align with our highest desire; and ultimately allow an effortless movement towards that which we all seek.


What do you want most in life?


What is the one thing you desire more than anything else? What is your highest desire?

Chances are you desire peace that permeates every moment of the day, undisturbed by the people and events unfolding in your life. You may also want to experience unconditional, rock solid love that is there regardless of what you do, or you don’t do. Or, you may want unbroken happiness, and ongoing contentment in your life. It’s absolutely possible in this lifetime to experience peace, contentment and happiness on an on-going basis.

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What's My Purpose In Life?

Imagine if our purpose is to live fully engaged in life right now, deriving maximum enjoyment in every moment, and all that is required is for each of us to disengage from our thinking.

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