Peace is Possible

We all have our own journey in life. What I’ve noticed for myself, or noticed about other people I interact with, is that we’re all searching for the same thing. We’re all searching for life experiences that deliver peace, contentment, joy and happiness. Peace and love is our natural state of being anyway; so it appears that we spend our life trying to find our way home to our natural state.

We start out in life with the innocence of a child, who is joyous, peaceful, content and in harmony with everything in creation. It’s amazing to watch how unlimited and how unbounded a young child is when they’re interacting in the world. And somehow, when we grow up we seem to loose our connection with that. It’s funny, but we seem to leave home to look for peace, contentment, love and happiness on the outside, when it’s actually the core being of who we are.

I actually thought that being peaceful and content, and allowing myself to be joyous, wasn’t possible to have on a consistent basis. In fact, I had the pattern, a funny little voice that told me, ‘Don’t be too joyous, because something bad might happen’. Isn’t it crazy to live from that belief, which absolutely isn’t true?

I used to think it was a dream, that it was impossible, to live perpetually in peace and harmony. But when I saw that it might be possible to reconnect with that experience of joy and love as an inner experience for myself I went for it.

I now know that it’s absolutely possible, and it’s possible for anyone. I also know that as we create peace and love for ourselves, we create that in our world.

If you’ve been looking for your peace, and contentment, and love on the outside, then follow your heart’s desire to actually have that as an internal experience. If that resonates with you, and you want it, then go for it!