Do You Want More?

Quite early in my journey I went through a phase of reading a lot of books; books written by people who were having a profound experience of peace and stillness. They were fully engaged here and now in this present moment, and they articulated that experience so well. Those books had a big impact on me - they gave me glimpses of what I was looking for; they gave me a taste of what I wanted.

But I soon arrived at a point where I wanted more than just reading about what other people were experiencing. I wanted more, and I wanted it now. So, I committed to myself 100% to go for that. Almost miraculously, within a day or two, I was sitting in a cafe and I saw a flyer for a meditation technique that promised to deliver what I was seeking. The flyer stated that the Ishayas of the Brightpath were teaching a course called Ishayas’ Ascension over a weekend course. It claimed it was possible to live a full life while experiencing permanent peace and contentment.

The terminology, and the name of the group, was kind of whacky for me - but I overcame my resistance and went for it. I was so determined, so committed, to experiencing everything, that within two weeks I was on a weekend course that ran for a few hours on a Friday night, and during the daytime on Saturday and Sunday.

On the Friday night of that course, within about an hour and a half of arriving, I was experiencing what I was seeking. I was in control. I had the choice to reveal peace and calmness, rather than it randomly descending upon me. By the end of the weekend course I was feeling so peaceful and calm, and yet very alert, that I knew I had found what I was looking for. I had found the tools that would allow me to experience peace, and the fullness of life.

That was a significant shift in my experience of life; it was a pivotal moment in my journey.

So… if you’re at a similar point where you want more.  You’ve had glimpses, or you might be having extended periods of peace and calm, and life is becoming fuller and richer, but you want more and you want to go for it, then I invite you to have a look at the website  You can learn more about this non-religious teaching, and you’ll find where courses are being taught around the world.

If you want more, I encourage you to go for it. There is a teaching available that will reveal that that you seek on a permanent basis.