Sometimes we are unaware of many aspects of our lives that are there to support us in our passage through life, and it is easy to take much for granted. Yet, there’s so much to support us - the people and the things that are there for us when we need it. Often we take much of it for granted, and we seldom genuinely thank those people in our life for the things they do for us.

It’s just a habit to take things for granted, but we can reverse that habit very easily by being actively grateful for those people in our life and the things they do, and be grateful for the aspects of our lives that are there to allow us live the way we do. As we become grateful for what we have, it appears as if we receive more - we live in more abundance.

The reality is that life is the giver of gifts. It continues to give to us every moment of the day. As we become more grateful it appears that we receive more; and within that gratitude we start to reveal more happiness and contentment.

I’ve got a little exercise for you to play with over the next two weeks. Throughout the day be consciously aware of the things in your life that you could be grateful for. Things that you’ve taken for granted, or things you may not have noticed. Throughout the day take the time to consider your life, and jot down two or three things every day that you’re grateful for.

Notice what happens to your experience of life over that two-week period. Chances are you’ll become more content; and from that experience you’ll find it easier to be grateful; and from that ease of gratitude you’ll notice more abundance.

So have a go at it. Jot down two or three things every day that you’re grateful for, and see what happens.