Attitudes to life are just that – attitudes that allow us to live more fully. Changing our attitude does not require an expenditure of time or physical effort; all that is required is to change our attitude. Sometimes it can take courage and commitment to change old habits, but once we start all that is required is to keep walking one step at a time

‘Practice makes perfect’ – the more we practice, or apply the attitudes, the easier life becomes.


Appreciation as Antidote

Generally, the content of our thinking involves judgment about ourselves, about others, or about aspects of our lives. When we are being judgemental we can notice that we feel contracted or heavy, or tired, or even agitated.

Appreciation, or praise, is a powerful emotion that can reverse that experience. It’s like an antidote to judgmental thinking, and those downward spiralling feelings associated with judgement. Praise moves in quite the opposite direction to judgment – it is an upward spiralling experience.

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Good News, Bad News?

Life is continually changing – our external environment continues to shift and change. We have a tendency to resist and reject the changing dynamics of our life and we often attempt to control aspects of it that in reality we can’t change. Resistance to what is, and attempts to control certain aspects of our life, is futile. It also induces discomfort and suffering.

The following ancient parable is a very effective analogy that illustrates a powerful approach to the changes that may occur in our life.

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Be Right, or Be Happy

We invite you to notice if you’re getting caught up insisting that you need to be right, or that something needs to be done your way. Have a go at letting your position go, and see what happens to your peace, and what happens to the outcome of that situation. Also notice how much more engaged you become with the people in your life. Be right or be happy. It’s a choice.

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Accepting People as they Are


Accepting people as they are also allows us to see other people’s attributes, and from that awareness it becomes easier to appreciate them for their strengths.

Acceptance opens up space for those people to be themselves; it allows them to feel comfortable in our presence; and it allows our relationships to grow and blossom. Within acceptance and growth we experience more contentment and fulfillment.

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