When Greg Hopkinson experiences profound peace in a near-death experience in an avalanche, he thinks that surely he can achieve the same thing above the snow. He sets out on a quest for happiness. Believing money will deliver this he forges into the Soviet Union - just as it collapses.  Russia’s shifting powerbase, its emerging mafia and the actions of an aggrieved competitor increasingly complicate Greg's pursuit. 

To an outsider, Greg appears to have everything – a loving, supportive wife, a bunch of loyal friends and an exotic career. Ironically, the greater his business success the more he battles his inner demons. 

As Greg stumbles out of Russia, his marriage fails and he is diagnosed with a brain tumour. Recovering, he meets his soul mate, but when he catches a glimpse of what he's become - it isn't pretty. He realises that he is incapable of sustaining a loving relationship. Something has to change. Full of despair, he commits to finding peace and love within himself. He does the most unlikely thing...

This book will change your preconceptions about happiness and success. It may also change your life. Enjoy the ride!

Boundless is available to buy in bookstores in New Zealand and online at  and

Boundless is available to buy in bookstores in New Zealand and online at and

'A wonderful story of one man's path to peace. Inspiring, funny, and very down to Earth. The honesty of the search, in all of its forms, I could really relate too. I also very much enjoyed how the world presented "Hop" with these amazing journeys and experiences, only to bring him closer to his desire. A sort of roadmap for Spiritual seekers and those who may have a different calling.'  Mark Lomprey

"The most gritty, real, raw and honest book you will ever read about inner peace. Boundless is one hell of a story about life's greatest adventure."  Bernard Steeds, author of Water

'Boundless opens the door to a much broader conversation.  I love the power of this story and the awesome humor and clarity of the storyteller who so wonderfully allows us all to ask what might - after all - be possible for me?'  Karin Higgins

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'Boundless: A Wayward Entrepreneur's Search for Peace' is available NOW from all good bookstores in New Zealand and online in NZ at

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